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найдено 170746 изданий (6830 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 1471 1472 1473 1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 ... 6830
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Политика и политология
David Utume
Globalization, Public Policy and Poverty in Nigeria: 1985 to 2005.
2016 г.,  240 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Globalization of public policy in Nigeria has occasioned the introduction of structural adjustment to the Nigerian economy. This was based on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank "conditionality". The result has been a worsened poverty situation under which the people are subjected. The Nigerian leadership needs to...

4811 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Инженерные дисциплины -> Электротехника и электроника
Mohammed Ramiz Almallah
Ampacity of H.V. Multi-Insulation Cables at Different Cooling Methods. HVAC and HVDC Power Cables
2016 г.,  204 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The increase in electric power demand in urban areas produces searches on new means to transmit huge electric power. One of these means is using the fluids for cooling inside or outside the power cables. The proposed cooling method in this work depends on the use of the oil as insulation layer between the conductor and XLPE, at the same time the...

6526 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Социология
Sara Rockwell
Mexican-Origin Multigenerational Educational Attainment. Degree Completion among First Generation, 1.5 Generation, and U.S.-born Mexicans
2016 г.,  64 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Educational attainment among Mexicans in the United States continues to be a growing concern for many. Academic success among this population is lagging behind the dominant population and other ethnic/racial minorities. Differing rates of educational attainment and degree completion based on generation have not been well researched or documented,...

3748 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Биохимия
Shahnaz Attaullah,Ajmal Hussain and Safia Haq
Thyroid Dysfunction Associated with Dyslipidemias and major organs.
2016 г.,  176 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book deals with analytical,epidemiological and socio-geographic studies of the relationship of several forms of thyroid dysfunction and their relationship to functioning of major organs of the body ,in particular liver and kidney.The book begins with a readable introduction to thyroid hormones,problems arising dysfunctions according to gender...

6526 руб.
Бумажная версия
Раздел каталога: Художественная литература
Sezer Aykan
Ash-Wednesday Machine. Five Select Stories
2016 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
What makes a story interesting are--among other things--that they must avoid cliche. Further, suspense and surprise are two elements that maintain reader interest throughout the story for their entertainment. These stories offer these aspects to your satisfaction. You will find that ideologies can lead to good as well as evil; people you trust and...

1216 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Математика
Dilip Meshram and Namdeo Khobragade
Mathematical Aspects of Inverse Thermoelastic Problems.
2016 г.,  120 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book contains Mathematical aspects of an inverse Thermoelastic problems. The concept of an inverse thermoelastic problem is the central theme of this book, finds its roots and applications in branches of Mathematics, Aeronautical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering, which is helpful for Students and Researcher. All the results are derived and...

4893 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Маркетинг
Ahmad Nadeem,Sidra Zafar and Rabbia Arshad
Study of Value Perception (Facebook V/S Print Media).
2016 г.,  56 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The purpose of this paper is to compare customer’s perceptions of the value of advertising on social network sites (SNSs) to their perceptions of the value of Print media advertising. Data was collected through questionnaire from a sample of 235 and was analyzed using SPSS. The analysis indicated that Ducoffe’s Ad Value model does provide a good...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Промышленность в целом
Alexander Ford
Graphene for Transparent Conductive Film Applications.
2016 г.,  116 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This work describes the results of a variety of efforts to improve the properties of graphene sheets for use in transparent conductive film (TCF) applications. The reduction of graphene nucleation density is shown as an effective route for reducing film sheet resistance and improving uniformity. Graphene films with 84% monolayer coverage, typical...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Экономика
Poovanesh Krish Sunnassee
Riser Reactor. Hydrodynamics Studies of Gas-Solid Particles
2016 г.,  164 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Riser reactor or Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) is one of the most crucial high-tech equipment used in the chemical, mineral, processing, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries. It produces about 30% of the world's gasoline and generates about 30% of Europe's power. A riser reactor is a tall vessel, about 1-2m in diameter and can be about...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Юриспруденция
Omoniyi Bukola Akinola
Comparative Analysis of Competition Law in the Nigerian Power Sector. Comparative Analysis of Competition Law in the Nigerian Power Sector
2016 г.,  656 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book is a comparative research which considered three different jurisdictions with respect to regulation of power sector using Competition Law.The author examined the concept of competition law, its general principles, functions and relevance in jurisdictions such as the U. S. A. and South Africa and how it has helped in opening up most...

6526 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Физика
R. Padma and V. Rajagopal Reddy
Thermally Stable Iridium-Based Schottky Contacts on n-type InGaN:. Microelectronic device applications
2016 г.,  140 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Among the ternary compounds of III-nitride materials, InGaN has drawn a great deal of attention. GaN and Ga-rich InGaN have been considered as the most important and indispensable materials used for the fabrication of light emitters which are active in entire visible and part of the near UV spectral regions. It is well known that optional,...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Физика
Nitingiri N. Gosai
Structural Properties Of Pure And Copper Doped Snse Nanoparticles.
2016 г.,  116 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Detailed and step by step variation of the Structural properties of as synthesized nanoparticles and physics associated with it is explained. Size of as synthesized nanoparticles plays important role in altering the properties of Optical, thermal, magnetic, Electrical & Dielectric properties of the material is also discussed in depth in this...

4893 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Химия -> Органическая химия
Emeka Ugoala
Isolation and Characterisation of some Microalgal Bioactive Compounds.
2016 г.,  128 стр.,  мягкий переплет
It is not unusual to isolate useful bioactive compounds from microalgae sourced from fish ponds. Only, in the present research, the bioactive compounds which were not soluble in common laboratory reagents and structurally elucidated with solid-state NMR had a glycan skeleton with attached amino acid units. These compounds are not easily available...

4893 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Образование
G.Vema Narayana Reddy
Reading Achievement Of X Class Pupils Volume -I.
2016 г.,  364 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Reading is the chief means of acquiring knowledge for human beings in all walks of their lives. It is a basic tool for the people to lead a good life, since it provides the power of thinking which makes the man perfect. There are so many factors influencing on Reading achievement, i.s Psychological and socio-Demographic Factors/Variables. In this...

8568 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Nagnath Totawad
Bapsi Sidhwa.
2016 г.,  192 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The present book entitled “BAPSI SIDHWA” aims at analyzing the novels of Bapsi Sidhwa from the perspective of ‘minority voices do exhibit potentiality worth a serious consideration’. The appearance of Sidhwa’s work signals, even before Rushdie’s, the belated coming of age of South Asian fiction in English. Bapsi Sidhwa whose own bold declaration...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Политика и политология
Madduluri Mastan Rao
Alleviating Urban Poverty. With Special Reference to Self-Help Groups in Guntur City (Andhra Pradesh)
2016 г.,  300 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Poverty is one of the important social and economic problems confronted by India and other developing countries, more especially in the recent times. Poverty groups are mostly illiterate and ignorant, and their social mobility is very less. They have meager land holdings house property, with large-sized families. They are tradition and custom...

6118 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Философия
Charles William Johns
Neurosis : A Philosophical Study. Epistemology, Ontology and Metaphysics
2016 г.,  108 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Following in a proud tradition of imaginative interpreters of Nietzsche, Johns develops his own panpsychist edition of the German philosopher — one whose “drives” are not merely psychic, but rather constitutive of all relations between entities. What past philosophers have called ‘objects’ do not simply wait there, politely cueing for humans to...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Jim Stallings
The Gathings Committee: Censorship, Society, and Paperback Literature.
2016 г.,  60 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In 1952, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn appointed Arkansas Democrat Representative Ezekiel Candler “Took” Gathings to lead a select committee and investigate the potential effect of allegedly obscene literature on the morals of American society. The House Select Committee on Current Pornographic Materials, informally known as the Gathings...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Arka Kumar Das Mohapatra and Ithishree Mohanty
Effectiveness Of Training In Organization Development.
2016 г.,  464 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Organizational development (OD) is an intervention strategy that uses group processes to focus on the whole culture of the organization in order to bring about planned changes. OD seeks to change beliefs, attitudes, structures, values and practices so that organizations can better adapt to change. OD and training are complimentary to each other....

4811 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Экономика
Martin Vlcek
Holistic Economics and Stock Markets.
2016 г.,  80 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The holistic economics studies the economy as whole. It takes as determining for its behavior nor properties of elements, nor sums of them, but a new quality of properties existing only in a holistic object. These properties describe the state of an object and its heading. This is an analogy with a living object. Connected with holistic properties...

3748 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Ветеринария
Hasan S.A. Jawad,Saad A. Naji and Lokman H. Idris
Partial Uropygialectomy Application. Partial Uropygialectomy effects on carcass traits and external morphological measurement of Akar Putra chicken
2016 г.,  92 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book introduces a new technique to improve the body performance of the chicken through partial ablation of a uropygial gland (Uropygialectomy). Noticeable enhancement in chicken carcass characteristics as well as the external morphological measurement were achieved for treated chicken compared than a control group. This application will cause...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Политика и политология
Asiri D. Vitharana
Community Participation in Post Disaster Management. A study on post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction (PDRR) process in Nepal
2016 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Addressing the post disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction (PDRR) needs of communities are challenging due to socio-cultural, economical and environmental differences in many societies. In post disaster Nepal, PDRR process is not been successfully implemented due to lack of community participation (CP). Active participation of the community in...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Математика -> Анализ
Adriana M. M. Silva
Data Mining Techniques to Acquire New Customers.
2016 г.,  184 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The aim of the book is to discuss the most widespread data mining techniques: logistic regression, decision tree and neural network, and to assess whether these techniques provide financial gains for private institutions that have active processes for business development. A company from the financial sector is used as a study subject,...

3422 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Mohammed Worku Adem
Coffee-based Agroforests in Ethiopia. Vegetation Structure, and Tree Species Diversity and Composition under Different Levels of Coffee Management
2016 г.,  96 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book compressively presents for the first time data of vegetative structure plus diversity and composition of tree and other woody species in coffee-based agroforests in Ethiopia, which vary in their level of management from little to intensive cultivation. Although the major focus of the book is tree species, which are the key component in...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Интернет и локальные сети
Vinod Kumar Verma
Comprehensive Explorations To Trustworthy Heterogeneous Networks.
2016 г.,  84 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Rapid development in the area of communications through heterogeneous networks attracted more attention of scientists and researchers over the last few years. Heterogeneous networks have proved to be an equally valuable and novel platform for wireless communication and other areas of applications. Trustworthiness aspect becomes the contemporary...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
найдено 170746 изданий (6830 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 1471 1472 1473 1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 ... 6830