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Отрасли знаний: Ветеринария
Birhanu Hailu
Epidemiology and Financial Loss Of LSD in Cattle Farming of Ethiopia.
2016 г.,  104 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is issue of food security as it is economically shocking viral diseases which cause several financial problems in livestock industries. Currently, lumpy skin disease is a great threat to Africa and Middle East. In Ethiopia, there are frequent outbreak reports of the disease in different cattle producing areas. Economic...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Социология
Milan Z. Zafirovski and Daniel G. Rodeheaver
Conservatism’s Long Secret Journey. From Medievalism To Fascism
2016 г.,  332 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book reexamines conservatism as a resurgent and even dominant ideology, politics, and dis-course primarily in America and the Islamic world, to some degree in Great Britain, and to a less-er extent in Western Europe and other modern societies since the 1980s. It investigates and uncovers what conservatism has so successfully kept as its best...

6526 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина
Abdalla Artaime
Camera - Based indoor neural network for visually impaired people.
2016 г.,  52 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In this book we will develop a device to help visually impaired people find way around in indoor unknown environment. The system is based mainly on obstacles detection in a video stream, using video/image processing for obstacles detection and pathways determination needs less sensors and smaller than other approaches like using sticks and...

3748 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> История
Vedrana ?ur?ok
Southern Hungary-the Original Serbian Diaspora Between 1903 - 1914. Causes of the Exclusion from the Nationalist Narrative
2016 г.,  176 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This work looks into the relations between Serbia and Serbs from southern Hungary in period from 1903 to 1914. The dynamics of relations– their nature and volume-are analyzed in two ways. Firstly, by comparing the relations in time, through the 19th century up to the 1903–1914. And secondly, by comparing them to Serbia’s engagement vis-?-vis other...

4239 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина -> Стоматология
Himanshu Deswal,Amit Bhardwaj and harpreet singh grover
Phytotherapeutic and Naturopathic Adjunct Therapies in Periodontology.
2016 г.,  156 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The oral cavity is the principal pathway through which the body is exposed to external environment and considered to be the gateway of infection. Oral diseases continue to be a major health problem worldwide. Dental caries and periodontal diseases are among the most important global oral health problems, although conditions such as oral and...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина
Samwel Boaz Otieno
Selenium And HIV Epidemiology.
2016 г.,  128 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The HIV pandemic has continued to spread especially in sub Sahara Africa, while Multi drug resistance HIV has emerged rendering the current conventional treatment of HIV ineffective. There is a need for new treatment regime which is cheap, effective and not prone to resistance development by HIV. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) activates Nuclear...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Генетика
Daniel Yawo Akrodou
CYP2A6 Genes Polymorphism Roles in Nicotine Dependence Treatment.
2016 г.,  180 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Functionally, genes provide the information that governs the basic biological and physiological activities of cells conditioning our behavior in relationship with our environment changes. CYP2A6 variants variably inhibit and reduce nicotine dependence and play an important role in nicotine uptake, distribution, and clearance, implying their...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Приборостроение -> Производство электронных компонентов
Vijay Kumar Sharma
Low Leakage Variability Aware Techniques for CMOS Logic Circuits.
2016 г.,  232 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The broad necessity of battery operated portable applications need to explore the low power VLSI research field. The portable applications such as calculator, hearing aids, portable military equipments, laptop, notebook, mobile phone, implantable pacemaker, wristwatches, etc. have the huge market in current scenario. The longer battery performs...

7343 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Gladys Khisa
Climate change, Small scale Agricultural Production and Food Security. Effect of climate change on small scale agricultural production and food security in Kitui County, Kenya
2016 г.,  288 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book examine the effect of climate change on small scale agricultural production and food security in Kitui County in Kenya. Kitui County is a semi-arid region where the effect of the changing climate has adversely affected household food production and security. The temperatures are increasing while the amount of rainfall received is...

6118 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Генетика
Milanko Stupar,Slavica Stefanovic and Vitomir Vidovic
Deciphering Principle Of Life. Brain activity in order to deciphering reason for existence of life, and the evolutionary steps leading to develop organisms on Earth, hypothesis
2016 г.,  144 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The main protagonists of this book are cellular DNA organelles, strings, water, DNA and presumed new astroparticle - “mislion”. In chapter 2. the new hypothesis of the origin of nucleus and mitochondrion will be disscused. Chapter 4. with origin of mitochondrion and plastids in plants based on the existence of mitoplastide genome as a vestige of...

3014 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Математика
Lalsingh Khalsa,Vinod Varghese and Dilip Kamdi
Mathematical Thermoelastic Methods for Physics and Engineering. Analytical study for thermoelastic responses
2016 г.,  200 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Thermoelasticity play pivotal role in the development of science and technology especially aerospace engineering. The present volume entitled "Mathematical Thermoelastic Methods for Physics and Engineering" contains a collection of eleven chapters. The papers are devoted to topics in thermoelasticity. Most of them were published before...

5219 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология
Owk Aniel Kumar and Lagudu Mutyala Naidu
Ethnomedicinal studies from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
2016 г.,  248 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book is dealing with the Ethnomedicinal studies from agency area of Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradeh, India. Ethnomedicine is the study of traditional healthcare methods which are based on indigenous cultural beliefs and practices and It has been recognized as a multidisciplinary science comprising many interesting and useful aspects of...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Tarela Okpu
Employee Voice and Workers Commitment in Nigerian Workplace.
2016 г.,  224 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This study examined the effect of Employee Voice on Workers Commitment in the Banking Industry in Nigeria. Seven research questions and seventeen hypotheses were proposed to test the relationship between Employee Voice and Workers Commitment. The quantitative research data was gathered with the aid of a five point likert scale questionnaire...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Промышленность в целом
Uttamkumar S. Bagde
Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology. Importance of Biotechnology for Environmental activities
2016 г.,  204 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This particular book "Fundamentals of Environmental Biotechnology’” expands to only ten topics of recent importance such as Environmental Health, pollution and its control, Role of microbes in recycling Elements in natural Environment, Environmental parameters that affect environmental activities, Microbial Biodegradation of Plastics,...

3422 руб.
Бумажная версия
Раздел каталога: Искусство и культура -> Музыка
Sylvia Sen Gupta
Mumbai : As a tourists destination.
2016 г.,  160 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This research study has been undertaken in the state of Maharashtra.The title of the study is “ Mumbai : As a tourists destination “. The main purpose of this study is to determined the present scenario of tourism industry in the city of Mumbai ,generally known as economic city of India. The main focus of the study is to find out past and present...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина -> Стоматология
Amer A. Taqa,Talal H. Al-Salman and Moataz Ghazi Saadallah
preparation and evaluation of a novel herbal endodontic irrigant.
2016 г.,  200 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book was conducted to prepare a new herbal endodontic irrigant solution (Mixture of cocconut and bromelain) from coconut oil and bromelain enzyme and evaluate it's requirements through: antibacterial action, apical microleakage test, push out shear bond strength test, effectiveness of smear layer removal, biocompatibility,FTIR test , surface...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Банковская деятельность
Isaiah Onsarigo Miencha and Murugesan Selvam
Technical Efficiency of Kenyan Banks - A Data Envelopment Analysis. Technical Efficiency of Kenyan Banks - DEA
2016 г.,  220 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The present study analyses the efficiency of Kenyan sample banks. The efficiency of commercial banks was measured in respect of sample variables employed in the study. The bankers need to understand and measure the efficiency of banks and the investors, after seeing the efficiency of banks can choose the best bank to invest their money to earn...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Лингвистика, филология, изучение языков и словари
Petra Schenke
Faith in Scottish Fiction. The Tartan Blend of World Religions, Ancient Mythology and Magic Realism
2016 г.,  260 стр.,  мягкий переплет
To reach a spiritual union of body and soul in close proximity to a benign God has often tempted the devout heroes and heroines of Scottish fiction to evade the responsibilities of the day-job. Some protagonists would become victims of Calvinist extremism and eliminate their own 'infidel' siblings. The fictional drama of competing world religions...

7751 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина
Magada A. Fawaz
Effects of TENS and Counseling on Menstrual Pain. Among Females with Primary Dysmenorrhea Receiving Medications
2016 г.,  168 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of different modalities of pain relief on pain intensity among females suffering from primary dysmenorrhea. A group of 60 females were selected on convenient basis and constituted their own control who have been already receiving medication during their dysmenorrhea before joining the study (1st...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Психология
Anuradha Kushwah,T. C. Sivakumar and Richa Priyamvada
Reduce Anxiety with Biofeedback. A study of Mothers having Children with Intellectual Disability
2016 г.,  72 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Parents have expectations to raise a normal child, and hold expectations for planning the future of the child. In contrast, parents whose child has some impairment, may experience dramatic changes in social life, expectations, plans, work life and their financial status. Parents experience uncertainty about their parenting abilities as well as to...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Naghmeh Ghasdian
Translation of English Causative Verbs into Persian. Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch
2016 г.,  104 стр.,  мягкий переплет
A causative form is an expression of an agent causing or forcing a person to perform an action. Translation of English causatives into Persian seems to be one of the biggest problems that Translation students and novice translators usually come across. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the translation strategies applied by...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Лингвистика, филология, изучение языков и словари
Ekaterina Krasikova
A guide to English exams.
2016 г.,  120 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Many people consider that an exam is the worst thing ever. It is not much wonder. The exams are always stressful, to pass them we need to dedicate all our free time. However, the result is not always satisfactory. We spend long hours studying for any English exam, reading different books and looking for necessary materials and as a result, we...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина -> Фармакология и фармацевтика
Hoang Vu Dang
Human nasal primary cell cultures for peptide delivery studies.
2016 г.,  96 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Many proteins and peptides possess biological activity that makes them highly specific and effective therapeutic agents. For the treatment of chronic diseases or disorders (e.g. diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, etc), however, they cannot be orally administered due to a rapid hydrolysis of the peptide bonds by digestive proteases. This work was done...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Информационные технологии
Badruduja Bhuiya
Unified hosting environment for container monitoring and adaptation. Monitoring and adapting real time or non real time web services in a single or multiple container
2016 г.,  100 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Availability of the business web services are the state of the art in e-commerce solutions. These consist of complex business processes. The goal of the Unified Hosting Environment (UHE) is to monitor different services platform including web services. UHE always adapt to discover services and monitor their status on a routine basis with Service...

3258 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Экология
Birendra Kumar Singh
Research Papers in Open Channel Hydraulics (Part 3).
2016 г.,  164 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book contains eight research papers in open channel hydraulics.The characteristics of roughness materials and the properties of intermediate scale roughness and large scale roughness are emphasized. We observe that roughness materials are advantageous from the point of view of more mean depth of flow which will be used for irrigation and...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
найдено 169646 изданий (6786 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 1471 1472 1473 1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 ... 6786