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Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Интернет и локальные сети
Afnan Shukri
A Scalable Wireless LAN Monitoring And Auditing Scheme. A Scalable Wirelss LAN Monitoring
2014 г.,  96 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Promiscuous monitoring of Wi-Fi networks has often been a source of confusion. It appears logical that if any Ethernet adapter can be used for promiscuous mode monitoring in a wired Ethernet network, then any Wireless Ethernet adapter is equally good for doing the same in a 802.11 a, b, or g network. Theoretically, this is true, but in practice,...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Инженерные дисциплины -> Электротехника и электроника
Federico Serra and Cristian De Angelo
Passivity Based Control of STATCOMs.
2014 г.,  68 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book presents the basis for designing a control strategy for Shunt Active Power Filters used for the compensation of harmonic currents consumed by nonlinear loads. The design of the controller is carried out using the interconnection and damping assignment technique. The control objective is to inject the adequate compensation current into...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Раздел каталога: Искусство и культура
Sai-kit Tsui
A Body of Lines. How Xu Beihong turned the nude possible in Chinese Painting
2014 г.,  152 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This monograph is about an artistic journey set off eighty years ago in the nascent Republic China. It charged into the “impossible” realm--nudity--in the grand Chinese tradition and turned it, if somewhat by accident, into the “possible”, unveiling perhaps the most censored body in the art world. The journey has since been progressing--at times...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Приборостроение -> Производство электронных компонентов
Nigatu Mitiku and Esayas Getachew
Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring. Implementing an Eficient Data Processing Algorithm
2014 г.,  92 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The gradual deterioration of bridges, buildings and other civil engineering structures invokes the need to develop structural health monitoring (SHM) systems to monitor the well-beings of structures. Dozens of wired sensing, processing and monitoring mechanisms have been implemented and widely deployed. However, they are complex to handle and...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Hamilton Themba Mchunu
Linking appraisal with professional development. Quality Management System in South African schools
2014 г.,  220 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The aim of conducting this study was to explore how staff appraisal and PD can be linked in the IQMS in South African schools. From the aim, an objective was formulated, namely, to probe perceptions of principals, SMTs and educators regarding the need to link appraisal with PD in the IQMS in sixteen schools located in Mafukuzela-Gandhi circuit at...

3748 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Внешнеэкономическая деятельность
Nawar Al-Saadi
The role of international relations in the development tourism sector.
2014 г.,  228 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book is an effort for a period of 4 years, speaks about a new methodology for economic development in general and the tourism sector in particular by activating the role of international relations. Where tourism contributes to closer international relations , cultural, civilization and economic relations between the various countries of the...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование
Jaya Damanik
Multimedia Content Adaptation Solution On Company's Profitability. The Impact of Multimedia Content Adaptation Solution on Company’s Profitability: A Case Study of PT.XYZ
2014 г.,  164 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This research is to study and analyze the potential market for mobile multimedia services in Indonesia. This study helps mobile operator and the content provider to identify and evaluate a potential business on mobile multimedia services, to find out the adaptation solution to improve network performance, to meet the customer behavior adoption,...

3422 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Микробиология
Quazi Mohammed Imranul Haq,Arif Ali and V.G. Malathi
Role of ORF-AV2 and ORF-AV1 of MYMIV in Pathogenesis.
2014 г.,  192 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Pulses and grain legumes, a major source of dietary proteins, are affected by yellow mosaic and golden mosaic diseases is caused by whitefly transmitted Begomoviruses blongs to the family Geminiviridae. Four distinct species causing yellow mosaic disease on legumes have been recognised in India They are, (i) Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина
Diellor Rizaj
Treatment of vascular malformations in childhood and adolescence. Creation of a Treatment Strategy
2014 г.,  80 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Vascular malformations are congenital developmental defects of vasculogenesis, angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. A retrospective study of patients treated during the period of 1991 – 2010 was performed. All children with vascular malformations, who have been treated at the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery of the Medical University...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология
Soonham Yaghmoor
Genotoxicity and Carcinogenicity of Alkaloids of Rhazya Stricta.
2014 г.,  152 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In Asian countries, R. stricta has traditionally been used as herbal remedy for treating various animal and human diseases. Recent studies focused on identifying and characterizing specific "active pharmaceutical ingredients" from R. stricta and other Saudi Arabian medicinal plants. Metabolic syndrome (MetS; also called Syndrome X or...

3667 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Машиностроение -> Автомобилестроение
P. Ravinder Reddy
Thermal and Air Flow Analysis of Shelters Using CFD.
2014 г.,  60 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The shelters are like a housing structures used for the army for sheltering in terrain places. These shelters are mounted over the army vehicles which are subjected to static, dynamic and thermal loads due to vehicle transportation in all kinds of terrains. The shelters are subjected to a different thermal loads due to seasonal externally...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Ботаника
Hakeem Shittu
Management of Verticillium Wilt Disease in Tomato.
2014 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Tomato is one of the most popular and widely cultivated vegetables in the world. It is famous for its culinary, industrial and ornamental values. Tomato is a susceptible host to many fungal pathogens, including Verticillium. In general, the wilt disease caused by these pathogens is very difficult to control because Verticillium species have: broad...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Машиностроение
Nirvikar Gautam
Effect Of Stress-Softening On The Dynamics Of Ballooning Rubber String.
2014 г.,  56 стр.,  мягкий переплет
A phenomenological energy-based model for stress-softening of isotropic, incompressible hyperelastic rubberlike materials is derived by using neo-Hookean material model. In this model, the microstructural damage is characterized by an exponential softening function that depends on the current magnitude of the strain–energy function and its maximum...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Физика
Nikolay Tankovsky
Electrophysical Processes in Electrolytes-Experiments and Simulations.
2014 г.,  112 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The ions in electrolyte solution can be rearranged by acoustic wave to create electric potential. This effect was predicted by Debye in 1933. The reverse effect, called electro-acoustic (EA) effect, is the excitation of acoustic wave by applied electric field. In Part I, different experimental schemes, for excitation and detection of EA signals in...

3258 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> История -> История древнего мира
Robert G. Bednarik
The First Mariners.
2014 г.,  304 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This volume summarizes the history and findings of the First Mariners Project, which the author commenced in 1996 and which is engaged in exploring the Ice Age origins of seafaring. This has so far involved the construction of eight primitive vessels with stone tools under scientifically controlled conditions, and the sailing of six of them. Four...

3994 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Arif A. Agasimani,. Vishnuvardhana and Chethan T.
Crop Improvement in Coriander. Genetic Variability in Coriander under Hill Zone of Karnataka
2014 г.,  136 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The experiment was undertaken to evaluate seventy one coriander genotypes in Randomized Complete Block Design with two replications to study the genetic variability, heritability, correlation and path analysis at College of Horticulture, Mudigere during the period between January-2012 to March-2012. Analysis of variance revealed highly significant...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Социология
Rauf Ahmad Thoker
Special Children And Family Care.
2014 г.,  240 стр.,  мягкий переплет
No family is prepared for the presence of a disabled child. Therefore the presence of a disabled child shakes the family to its foundation. Parents in every society play complex roles in training & socialization of their children. These responsibilities become more difficult, perplexing & arduous in the case of disable children. The parents of a...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Микробиология
Raghvendra Pratap Singh
Xanthomonas campestris: A Phenon & Genon preview. An expanding horizon in Plant Pathology
2014 г.,  56 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Presented book is an excellent overview of black rot diseases of Crucifiers that caused by Xanthomonas, and it gives an insight into the ecology and biology of this bacterium, as well as into detailed biochemical profile and shown a easiest way to identify the Xanthomonas by phenotypes. I believe that this very well-written book will be of great...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Godrick Lyimo
Indigenous and Modern Counselling. For Secondary Schools in Tanzania
2014 г.,  160 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In order to give students adequate counseling, it is important that indigenous counseling is integrated in school counseling. The blending of modern and indigenous counseling approaches appears to create a balanced guidance and counseling services in Tanzanian secondary schools and makes counseling more culturally relevant as it connects students...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Социология
Chita Ranjan Das
Disaster Education and People's Preparedness.
2014 г.,  120 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Disaster is a serious disruption in the functioning of a society causing widespread human, material, or environmental losses which has exceed the ability of the affected society to cope using only its own resources. Owing to have a better preparation against this, Government of India in its tenth five year plan implemented a special course...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Инженерные дисциплины -> Электротехника и электроника
Christopher A. Tucker
Wireless Power by Magnetic Resonance. Theory, application, and control
2014 г.,  256 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The subject of wireless power has been of great fascination since antiquity. First proposed in modern times by Nikola Tesla, it has intrigued and challenged the academic world. While there have been many attempts to describe this work, the mathematical explanation of wireless power can be traced to J. Clerk Maxwell’s original equations and the...

7343 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Банковская деятельность
Victor Krasin
Stock Market Timing: New Approach. VK Timing System Be a winner trading stocks!
2014 г.,  124 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book is devoted to solving the problem of correct timing in the stock market. The book shows how to make correct decisions when to buy and to sell stocks and to be a winner in the market game. The book describes the results of back testing of 570 stocks registered in the New York Stock Exchange over 32-year period (1982-2013). Testing was...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Melese Gashu,Berhan Tamir and Mengistu Urge
Growth and Feed Utilization Performance of Sheep with Improved Feeding. Effect of Supplementation on Growth and Feed Utilization Performance of Washera Sheep Fed Urea Treated Millet straw
2014 г.,  80 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Improved feeding is highly essential to exploit the growth and feed utilization performance of livestock. However, nowadays poor nutrition and feed shortages are the root causes for the poor performance of livestock sector mainly in the tropical areas, where mixed crop-livestock production is practiced. This book, therefore, provides a simple...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Гуманитарные науки -> Психология
Marcela Maia
Prolonged Non-nutritive Sucking Habits X Behavioral Difficulties. Are They Associated with Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties at School Age?
2014 г.,  144 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Two cohort studies conducted in Ribeir?o Preto (RP), SP and S?o Lu?s (SL), MA, performed a complete assessment of the participating children both at birth (1994 in RP and 1997 in SL) and at school age, with the inclusion of psychological evaluation at the second time point. The wealth of data obtained permitted the study of the association between...

3014 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Математика -> Статистика
Eric Ferreira
Some Topics in Procrustes Analysis applied to Sensometrics.
2014 г.,  132 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Procrustes problems have been studied since the second half of the 20th century, when the first problem was stated. Since then Procrustes analysis has been developed. However, some gaps still hold mainly in estimating missing values and the lack of tools for statistical inference. This work analyses the influence of putative values in the...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
найдено 169978 изданий (6800 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 2060 2061 2062 2063 2064 2065 2066 2067 2068 2069 2070 ... 6800