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найдено 169979 изданий (6800 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466 1467 1468 1469 1470 1471 1472 ... 6800
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология -> Микробиология
Sinai Waleed Al-Jibouri,Khalid A. Habib and Salim R. Al-Obaidie
Fumonisin B1 Detection, Production and Histopathological Effects.
2016 г.,  104 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Identification of F. verticillioides, F. proliferatum and FB1 gene by the species specific PCR were a practical, short, reliable and a more accurate method when compared to the traditional methods. The optimal condition for FB1 production was using patty maize culture with incubation period 21 days at 20?C. The LD50 of FB1 in male mice after 24hr....

3258 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Экономика
Wilson Chirikure
Entrepreneurship: Career ladder or a Startup. Entrepreneurship: A native German student’s perspective about starting his or her career with a Startup company
2016 г.,  88 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The main objective of the study is to find out the important points German students consider about starting their own businesses. The Author puts great emphasis on the students' mind set about being self-employed and why they have such notions about entrepreneurship. The study goes on to reveals what other authors have found out about the drives...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Машиностроение
Michael Petri
PowerUp: Mechanism to Power Personal Wheelchair Lift. Exploring the potential of a pneumatic, aftermarket wheelchair accessory to improve independence
2016 г.,  132 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Many manual wheelchair users have limited reach capabilities and could be more independent with the ability to raise themselves in their wheelchairs. Several pneumatic lifts exist but require a supply of pressurized air throughout the day. An accessory (PowerUp) was conceptualized to maintain the air supply by converting the motion of the...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Медицина -> Фармакология и фармацевтика
Caroline Ciglenec
Substituted thiosemicarbazones as inhibitors of leukemic cell growth. An investigation
2016 г.,  64 стр.,  мягкий переплет
As cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, it becomes clear that efforts on finding new antineoplastic agents is a priority in today’s world. New synthetic agents with possibly fewer side effects are now being sought after more than ever. The rate-limiting enzyme ribonucleotide reductase (RR) is responsible for the de novo synthesis...

2361 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Агропромышленный комплекс -> Растениеводство -> Садоводство
Franziska R?ckert
Funding of agricultural research in Germany. Composition according to funding institutions and distribution according to research areas
2016 г.,  128 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Agriculture is most dominantly shaping the German environment, providing our basic food resources as well as the sources for bioenergy. This implies an intense societal exposure to the influences brought about by agricultural practices. Hence, a well functioning system of R&D is urgently required as prerequisite for constant and sustainable...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Stefano Castoldi
Open innovation in the energy industry: Shell UK Ltd and ERG case study.
2016 г.,  180 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The aim of this work is analysing the concept of Open Innovation and in particular trying to understand if it is applicable to the energy industry and to which extent. The evidences found in literature regarding the adoption of this paradigm within the energy industry, will be further tested applying the theory into two practical case studies in...

5301 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Гендерные исследования
Chaitali Chakraborty
Citizenship Education and Women. A Study between India and Denmark
2016 г.,  256 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This volume seeks to explore the potential for citizenship education in the understanding of violence against women and attempts to investigate whether there is any scope for the interrelation between the two. Based on a comparative analysis between India and Denmark done mostly from a theoretical perspective the book has tried to comprehend...

6118 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Md. Ruhul Amin,Md. Abdul Aziz and Md. Abul Kashem
Role of Radio and Television in the Dissemination of Information.
2016 г.,  208 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The main purpose of the study was to determine the exposure habit of farmers to radio and television and to determine the effectiveness of radio and television in the dissemination of agricultural information as perceived by farmers. Data were collected from randomly selected 100 radio listeners and 100 television viewers through personal...

5709 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Mahesh Gadekar
Exploring relationship between product variants and brand loyalty.
2016 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The present book attempts to review the literature in the domain of marketing management for the construct of brand loyalty with reference to the product variant choice decisions amongst youth. Interestingly, the emerging markets have been witnessing an enormous growth in the retail sector. Variety seeking tendency is now not an exclusive domain...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Точные науки -> Информатика и программирование -> Информационные технологии
Matthias Gruber
A Generic Framework for Discrete Simulation Based Optimization.
2016 г.,  104 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This work describes a generic, highly performant software tool for simulation based optimization. The object oriented solution consists of two main software libraries. The first library is a framework for the dynamic creation of discrete simulation models, including some simple models for demonstrations and comparisons. The second library is a...

4893 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Приборостроение -> Производство электронных компонентов
Rohin Gupta,S.S. Gill and Navneet Kaur
CMOS SRAM Design and analysis of low leakage and high speed SRAM cell.
2016 г.,  108 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In this work The novel single ended 5T and 6T SRAM cell is presented. This transistor is high density cell or takes less area than conventional 6T SRAM cell. Leakage current of this cell is very low as compared to other 5T or conventional 6T cell. There is a requirement of precharge circuit for this cell as that in conventional 6T SRAM cell. This...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Yu-Shou Su
Rebuild, Retreat, or Resilience: Can Taipei Plan for Resilience?.
2016 г.,  280 стр.,  мягкий переплет
The number of climate-related disasters around the world has increased dramatically, often devastating cities. United Nations’ estimation of losses from disasters around the world is between $250 billion to $300 billion each year. Making cities resilient to natural disasters has therefore become a priority for many policy makers. This book...

3994 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Этнография
Seble Haile Welday,Gunturu Revathi and Andrew Nyerere Kimang?
Gene Xpert Testing of Stool Sample for the Diagnosis of Tb in Children.
2016 г.,  112 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Globally Tuberculosis (TB) is a major infectious disease. In 2011, there were an estimated 8.7 million new cases with 6% childhood tuberculosis. The majority of the cases occurring in high TB burden countries like Kenya. Accurate pediatric pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) diagnosis is a challenge. Symptoms are nonspecific, young children are unable to...

3177 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Биология
Hafiza Nazish Hameed and Neelma Munir
Gamma radiation effects on shelf life and nutritional value of onions. Dose optimization
2016 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Pakistan is the 6th largest country worldwide in onion production. Onion belongs to family Alliacae and it is important crop of Pakistan. It has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and has anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. It is also used in laboratories to stop the growth of specific microorganisms...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Естественные науки -> Химия
George Pitsevich
Hybrid method of studying LAM in clusters. The case of hydrogen bond
2016 г.,  52 стр.,  мягкий переплет
A hybrid method for analyzing vibrations of molecules and complexes with potential energy surface (PES), that is characterized by a high level of anharmonicity, is proposed in present book. Distinctive feature of the method is the accounting of all vibrational degrees of freedom. Here the full set of vibrational coordinates is divided into two...

1952 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки
Issa Al-Qaderi
How to Write a Research Paper. Exploring the Challenges Faced by Yemeni Undergraduate Students in Writing Graduation Research Papers
2016 г.,  64 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Writing a research paper is inevitable. Still however, not everyone does succeed in finishing it. There are some challenges which encounter researchers that should be taken into account. On that ground, this handy book attempts at exploring the most pivotal challenges faced by Yemeni undergraduate students in writing graduation research papers. It...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Науки о Земле
Arezou Shafaghat,Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid and Ali Keyvanfar
Green Highway and Street Development.
2016 г.,  140 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book chapter is tackling to highway and street construction management, where green highway and street were introduced to promote sustainable construction. In this regards, some green-oriented guidelines, standards, and models have been developed and introduced in this book. This book raises the advanced technologies and environmental...

4566 руб.
Бумажная версия
Раздел каталога: Художественная литература
Sunderrajan Iyengar
The Golden Days of My Life. Changing life of A Student
2016 г.,  68 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This is a real story of a boy who has no friends in his college during the first year and he has poor academics results too which leads him to his detention from the university. He tries to perform better each time but fails still he comes in contact with two girls who transform his life and his performance rises with each exam results attracting...

1216 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> История
Derick Mesumbe Ndonge
Letters From a Living Dead. Girl lives, she writes me
2016 г.,  92 стр.,  мягкий переплет
In the mist of Jim's loneliness at his new neighbourhood,Girl and her family relocated. The two met and became inseparable! Their friendship was incredible. Out of this world! But Girl departed so soon due to a ghastly motor accident she and her dad were involve in. Jim was too fragile to be told the truth. He was told a lie. He lived with Girl's...

1625 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
T. Vimala and N. Devaki
Language Games For English Language Teaching.
2016 г.,  76 стр.,  мягкий переплет
"LANGUAGE IS THE MUSIC OF OUR SOUL".Language influences human thought, it plays an unique role in capturing the breadth of human thought and endeavour.Games is the fun element which enhances language aquisition .Games create and sustain interest among students.language games will tickle and sharpen our brain . Games are gaining...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли экономики: Машиностроение -> Автомобилестроение
Saptadeep Debnath,Naman Jain and Rahul Pareek
Aerodorneial-4. A Space Settlement Proposal
2016 г.,  112 стр.,  мягкий переплет
'Space Settlements'-- From being sheer fantasy-debates to the idea's materialization, and that too in its whole practicality and purpose, has been a humbling journey. The project proposal, as it has been presented in this compilation, consists of detailed analysis and reports the origin of the basic ideas and speculation of how exactly have they...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
N.K. Shamla and U. Faisal
Simulation Based Model For Manpower Planning In Health Care.
2016 г.,  304 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Manpower planning provides the information and tools needed for decision makers to strategic decisions in getting and keeping the health workers as per requirement and making the best use of their skills within a health system that is affordable and sustainable. A need-based planning approach always attempts to estimate future health needs on the...

6118 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
N. Balasubramanyam
Quality Determination of Aerodynamic Analysis in Vehicle by Using CFD. Analysis of aerodynamic effect and reducing their assistance force
2016 г.,  72 стр.,  мягкий переплет
An operating Deluxe bus was benchmarked and analyzed for styling, aerodynamic performance and comfort. Fluent, a commercial CFD code was used to evaluate the aerodynamic performance. Principles of product design were used to analyze the styling and comfort.The exterior styling, drag force reduction and aerodynamically efficient design for reduced...

2932 руб.
Бумажная версия
Сферы деятельности: Предпринимательская деятельность -> Менеджмент
Cengiz Erdal
Strategic Structural Components of E-Government System Implementation.
2016 г.,  392 стр.,  мягкий переплет
Ever since we met democracy, reaching out the citizens through the best way has been the most important concern for the governments in order to actualize a participative management. Internet revolution and then web 2.0 solved this problem thoroughly providing the governments with being ubiquitous at all times. It is vital to think e-government...

6935 руб.
Бумажная версия
Отрасли знаний: Общественные науки -> Политика и политология
Jimmy Chulu
Democratization of Politics in Africa.
2016 г.,  108 стр.,  мягкий переплет
This book critically examines the debate on the democratization of politics from the historical experience of the African states. Africa has witnessed socio-economic and political transitions from a single party system to a multi-party system towards good governance and democracy. While democracy is an ideal to be cherished, it is not often...

4076 руб.
Бумажная версия
найдено 169979 изданий (6800 стр.) страницы: 1 ... 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466 1467 1468 1469 1470 1471 1472 ... 6800